A Few of My Favorite Things

Born amidst the stunning landscapes of the Sierra Nevada, and raised in the rugged beauty of the Appalachian Mountain range, I grew up skiing and developed a passion for cycling, hiking, and kayaking.

After completing my undergraduate studies in Integrative Arts at Penn State University, I ventured to New York to launch my career in the film and television industry, specializing in graphic and scenic arts. To this day, I remain deeply engaged in the city's dynamic arts scene and love exploring the state's scenic trails and waterways.

Driven by an interest in ethnography, I pursued a graduate program in Folklore and Folklife at the University of Pennsylvania. Here, I honed my skills in fieldwork and learned about the significant impact of storytelling on culture and identity.

For me, Folklore is not just tradition—it's the living art of transmitting stories from person to person. Great stories endure because people remember them, and dynamic design is integral to their telling. I specialize in crafting memorable stories using various media forms, including text, photos, video, animation, and graphics.

My unique education in folklore studies, graphic design, and documentary filmmaking fuels my passion for short-form multimedia storytelling. Over the past 15 years, I have produced a wide range of projects, from micro-documentaries to animated explainer videos, each aimed at communicating the essence of a story and engaging audiences in meaningful ways.

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